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Camille Kelley


Camille was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1999.  She moved to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts as an Illustration Major and later transferred to Los Angeles to major in Graphic Design and minor in Sculpture/New Genre at OTIS College of Art & Design.  She is an interdisciplinary, multimedia artist and designer working to visualize the mind and create immersive art that one can interact with.

Camille’s fascination with the brain started when she was young sitting in her therapist’s chair. What do our emotions look like on paper?  How do you visualize a sensation?  She sees design as a tool to organize her thoughts into shapes and puzzles, fine art as a vessel for putting emotions on display, and film as a way to convey these feelings more clearly while engaging both sight and sound.

Click HERE for a link to my thesis on the psychological impact of the creative art process.


Email: camillekelleyart@gmail.com
Instagram: @camillepkelley
Youtube: @CamillesCurioCabinet
Los Angeles, CA