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Camille Kelley


        New Orleans-born Multi-Media Sculpture artist Camille Kelley has always searched for the beauty and the humor in the nightmare of reality.  In her personal work she acts as a tourist in her own mind; visually depicting emotions, mental health, memories, and her relationship with the world around us.  She works to tell stories with layers of history, psychology, fashion, and the strangest corners of the world.

        As a fabricator she believes in creating immersive environments where visual art meets performing arts and draws the viewer in to escape reality.   Through sculpture Camille learned to harness her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) into a super power of precision.  Each project is like a puzzle and all of the pieces need to fit both structurally and aesthetically.

Click HERE for a link to my thesis on the psychological impact of the creative art process.

Click HERE for a link to my CV.


Email: camillekelleyart@gmail.com
Instagram: @camillepkelley
Youtube: @CamillesCurioCabinet
Los Angeles, CA