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Fear of Fear

Click HERE for a link to Fear of Fear, a documentary chronicling the fears of the people on the streets of Hollywood & West Hollywood


CPK / 2022
Fear of Fear / RPine Wood, VHS TV, Clothes & Ephemera, Chain Lock / 6” x 2” x 2”

           In Fear of Fear I went to West Hollywood and Hollywood, CA to ask people about their fears.  In addition to documenting the fears of the people of Los Angeles, the main focus of the documentary was on the way people’s hands move when they are put into a vunerable situation, in this case discussing their fears.  Some people gave answers like sharksand spiders, but many people were extremly honest.  One middle school aged girl who was on a walk with her father told me, in front of him and to his surprise, that she’s afraid she will never amount to anything which ended up sparking a conversation between the two of them.  One woman who was initally making jokes, not wanting to be vunerable, eventually told me about how terrified she is of growing older alongside new technology in a workplace filled with younger women.  This piece ended up being incredibly moving to me as I made connections with strangers I would never see again.

The sculpture itself holds my own clothing, including my highschool uniform skirt and clothing given to me by my estranged grandmother.  In order to watch the documentary, the viewer must open the chain locked closet and peek through the gap.