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CPK / 2022
Melancholia / Wax Clay / 2” x 1.5”

            Historically, women’s cries for freedom and reform fell on deaf ears or were simply dismissed as an overreaction.  Their pain and anguish was waved off as a default of the female condition.  In this piece I wanted to show both the quiet sorrow and stoic bravery of women in times of oppression.

In the Edwardian Era (1901-1914), fashion was evolving alongside a growing suffragist movement.  As women began to gain independence and go out in the world on their own, the rate of gender and sex based violence grew as well.  However, this problem created the most stylish solution.  Hat and hair pins were a popular accessory as the Gibson Girl hairstyle, which consisted of long, curled hair piled on top of a woman’s head and held up with pins.  These 10 inch sharp metal pins were adorned with jewels, flowers, and feathers, but left assailants bruised and bloodied.