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CPK / 2021
Sazerac, A New Orleans Classic / Gouache & Watercolor / 42” x 11” x 18”

CPK / 2021
Sazerac, A New Orleans Classic Recipe / Pen / 42” x 11” x 18”

            I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana where there was something to celebrate with a cocktail every day.  For this poster I thought of my father, a chef in a past life, who ends every day with a gin martini up with a twist.  Above the stove in the house I grew up in was a cabinet overflowing with Cook’s Illustrated that he would take down for me and have me pick out desserts that we could make togeather.  I combined this happy memory with my current love for Art Deco advertisements that use bright and bold colors, geometric fonts, and a simple illustration.