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She’s Trapped In A Cage

CPK / 2022
CK / 2021
She’s Trapped In A Cage / Steel & VHS TV / 2” x 1” 
Link To The Video Collage

This piece was an exploration of power, what it means to have it and to not.  I built the cage that I, and many others, have put around ourselves to protect us from outside forces.  From the stone face I wear in public to avoid the harassment I recieved as a young teenager walking down the street to the way I dress in order to the way I dress.  It is protective armor.

The video head that lives ontop of her metal torso shows how I have experienced or witnessed power in my own life.  From the mental power of makeup to the physical power of body building.  I depicted my own persuit for power, both mental and physical through the consumption of cleansing fire in the act of fire breathing to the animalistic devouring of a rotissery chicken post workout in order to build muscle.