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To Drown A Nightmare In Color -
An Artist’s Manifesto

Click HERE for a link to To Drown A Nightmare In Color, a short film

CPK / 2022
To Drown A Nightmare In Color / Short Film, VHS Box / 42” x 11” x 18”

To Drown A Nightmare In Color

Shine a bright light on the nightmare of life.  Look at it all.  Take it in.  Accept it.  It will be there in the morning when you wake up and in the night when you finally put your weary head to bed.  It is cruel and cold and cut throat, but press pause on reality for just one moment.  Take a step back.  You’re allowed to.  Walk away and go far.  Escape into a fantasy.  Drown the nightmare in color until all you have left is a tragic clown.  Dance in a night club and let the music wash over you.  Play a video game that teleports you to a different reality.  Once you’ve mainlined a little bit of life back into your body, it is time to go back.  But before you do, take a second to look in front of you.  First look objectively, then search for the humor.  This existence is absurd.  Find the absurdity.  It will sustain you a little longer next time.  It will force your eyes up when they are drooping.